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October 2016 Policy Study, Number 16-3


How To Restore Federal Fiscal Sanity: The State Legislatures Hold The Key

By The Late David M. Stanley

    Do The American People Want A Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment?
    Is A Balanced Budget Important Enough To Justify A Constitutional Amendment?
    Is A Constitutional Amendment The Only Way We Can Balance The Budget?
    Does A Balanced Budget Amendment Belong In Our U.S. Constitution?
    How Will The Balanced budget Amendment (BBA) Work?
    How Can We Get A Balnced Budget Constitutional Amendment?
    Why Do State Legislatures Hold The Key To Winning The Balanced Budget Amendment?
    Where Do We Stand In The States' Campaign For A Balanced Budget Amendment?
    What Is The Opponents' Strategy - And The Real Issue?
    Is It Essential That A State Resolution For A Balanced Budget Amendment Also Include The Call For A Limited Constitutional Convention?
    How Should We Respond To Those Who Say They Want A Balanced Budget But Oppose A Constitutional Convention?
    Do We Honor Our Constitution By Using The Article V Convention Call To Protect The People Against Runaway Debt?
    Should We Fear A Constitutional Convention? What Are The Safeguards?
    Could A Constitutional Convention Change The Ratification Process Or impose A New Constitution?
    Was The 1787 Philadelphia Convention A Runaway Convention?
    Is A Runway Congress The Real Danger?
    Will Congress Propose The Balanced Budget Amendment Rather Than Call A Convention?

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