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Edited by Dr. Donald P. Racheter, President of Public Interest Institute, and Dr. Richard E. Wagner, Economics Professor at George Mason University and Chairman of the Institute's Academic Advisory Board.  POLITICS, TAXATION, AND THE RULE OF LAW looks at the balance between providing government with the power to operate while preserving and protecting our rights of person and property.


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Chapter 1    The Constitutional Framework for Democratic Taxation

                    Donald P. Racheter and Richard E. Wagner

Chapter 2    Self-Ownership, Taxation, and Democracy:  A Philosophical-Constitutional Perspective

                    Eric Mack

Chapter 3    Property, Taxation, and the Budgetary Commons

                    Richard E. Wagner

Chapter 4    Taxpayers Rights and the Fiscal Constitution

                   Gary Wolfram

Chapter 5    Referendum, Redistribution, and Tax Exemption:  A Rent-Seeking Theory of Direct Democracy

                    Gary Anderson

Chapter 6    Public Choices and Fiscal Means:  Analyzing Taxes as Collective Outcomes

                    Walter Hettich and Stanley L. Winer

Chapter 7    Excise Taxation and Interest Group Politics

                    Randall G. Holcombe

Chapter 8    Taxation through Litigation

                    Robert A. Levy

Chapter 9    Explaining the Persistent Growth in Tax Complexity

                    James L. Payne

Chapter 10    Site-Value Taxation and the Rule of Law

                    Fred Foldvary

Chapter 11    Zoning, Smart Growth, and Regulatory Taxation

                    Samuel Staley

Chapter 12    Emerging Property Rights, Command-and-Control Regulation, and the Disinterest in Environmental Taxation

                    Bruce Yandle


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