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Statement of Purpose & Mission of Public Interest Institute


The Public Interest Institute is an independent, non-profit organization. We will do research on principles and methods to promote and encourage human rights, economic freedom, economic growth, and the creation of jobs here in Iowa. We will research issues such as limiting government spending and privatization of government services.

We are funded by private donations.


  • Make the Public Interest Institute a visible, respected, and self-supporting organization within the state of Iowa, the Region, and the Nation
  • Identify practical alternatives to critical state and local issues affecting voters, policy makers, and opinion leaders
  • Provide state and local policy makers with an objective approach to analyzing specific policy initiatives
  • Provide a forum for policy makers and individual voters to share ideas and concerns
  • Promote the importance of the free-enterprise economic system and its relationship with free and democratic societies
  • Formulate proposals and action programs that revolve around taxpayers' rights and the general principle of limiting the role of government
  • Assist and become an integral part of similar organizations in promoting the importance of limited government, individual freedoms, and the impact of governmental policies on the operation of the free-market
  • Define the concept of the proper role of a limited government in a free and democratic society based upon individual freedom and liberty
  • Implement procedures for disseminating materials related to free-enterprise and limited government
  • Cultivate and formally develop liaisons with appropriate state, local, and national governmental and legislative agencies and bodies
  • Establish college relations program designed to provide materials related to free enterprise and the concept of limiting the role of government