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Limiting Leviathan








Edited by Dr. Donald P. Racheter, President of Public Interest Institute, and Dr. Richard E. Wagner, Economics Professor at George Mason University and Chairman of the Institute's Academic Advisory Board.  LIMITING LEVIATHAN looks why should government be limited, which limits on ogvernment are appropriate, and if auxiliary precautions are needed.

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Chapter 2 - The Purpose and Limits of Government


Chapter 3 - Constitutionally-limited Government Versus Popular Democracy


Chapter 4 - Government: An Expensive Provider


Chapter 5 - Constitutional Limits Versus Statutory Rules


Chapter 6 - Constitutional Spending Limitations and the Optimal Size of Government


Chapter 7 - Tax Limits


Chapter 8 - Regulatory Limits


Chapter 9 - The Case for Congressional Term Limits is the Same as the Case for Pollution Control


Chapter 10 - Electoral Limits


Chapter 11 - Federalist Theory and Polycentricity: Learning from Local Governments


Chapter 12 - Searching for Order: The Costly Interaction of Formal and Informal Systems


Chapter 13 - Technological and Economic Limitations on Governments


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