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Internship at Public Interest Institute


Public Interest Institute is looking for college-level Interns with Junior or Senior standing to perform the following duties:


  1. Assist with the researching, writing, and desktop publishing of quarterly publications on

    public affairs and current events of interest to Iowans and the Iowa Wesleyan College community.
  1. Assist with public communications responsibilities, including phone calling and letter writing to Institute members and associates at affiliated think tanks.
  1. Assist with other research projects as needed in areas such as taxation, economic development, environmental education, and other aspects of American public affairs.
  1. Be involved daily in the reading and analysis of public affairs articles to become acquainted with how public policy think tanks gather and organize information and research. 




A qualified Intern will possess good computer skills.  Familiarity with desktop publishing and graphic design skills (such as knowledge of In Design) would be an advantage.  Good knowledge of current events at the state and national levels is required.  Good communication skills are also essential.  The internship is recommended for Economics, English, History/Political Science, Communications, and Business majors.  Students with other majors may be considered. 


If interested in an Internship at Public Interest Institute, please contact Dr. Don Racheter by e-mail at