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Edited by Dr. Donald P. Racheter, President of Public Interest Institute, and Dr. Richard E. Wagner, Economics Professor at George Mason University and Chairman of the Institute's Academic Advisory Board.  FEDERALIST GOVERNMENT IN PRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE looks at the relationship between federalism and liberty and explores the substantive practice of federalism, particularly the centralizing processes at work and the opportunities for decentralization.

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Chapter 1    Liberty, Markets, and Federalism

                    Thomas R. Dye

Chapter 2    Competitive Federalism in Institutional Perspective

                    Richard E. Wagner

Chapter 3    Taxes, Grants, and Porkbarrel Politics:  The Case for Decentralizing the Power to Tax

                    Dwight R. Lee

Chapter 4    Fiscal Competition in a Federal System

                   Bruce L. Benson

Chapter 5    Immobile Taxation in a World of Mobility

                    Mason Gaffney

Chapter 6    Fiscal Vacations and Federalism in Western Europe:  A Search for Sovereignty

                    Keith M. Yanner

Chapter 7    Federalism and Commercial Regulation

                    Adam D. Thierer

Chapter 8    Redistribution in a Federal System:  Lessons from Welfare Reform

                    John C. Weicher

Chapter 9    Education:  The Path from Centralization to Privatization

                    Eugenia F. Toma

Chapter 10    Federalism and Agricultural and Resource Policy

                    B. Delworth Gardner

Chapter 11    Federalism and the Protection of Property

                    Bruce Yandle

Chapter 12    Legislation and Adjudication in a Federal Republic

                    Donald P. Racheter


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