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September 2017 Brief: Volume 24, Number 26

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Question Their Trustworthiness


by Jerry Hopkins, Ph.D.



So often politicians make statements during campaigns to garner votes, financial support, and continued agreement, but once they gain office they refuse to keep their promises. This has been particularly true of Republicans in critical elections over the last several cycles, including races for the House of Representatives, the Senate, and, of course, the presidency in 2016. In each key election, promises were made, particularly dealing with repealing Obamacare. The people acted to give Republicans control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency. Now it turns out Republican Congressmen refuse to get along with the President the people elected, and they do not have a plan they can agree on for replacing the failing Affordable Care Act.


Two things are seriously wrong with this intensifying problem in Washington. The first problem is the refusal of leadership and voters to accept obvious facts: socialism/communism as a political and economic system has failed over and over in the former Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, the European Union, Greece, and North Korea. In all these states, the people are not honored or appreciated. In North Korea, people are persecuted, imprisoned, starved, abused, and refused basic freedoms. People cannot elect or even question their leadership. The North Korean “leader” was installed by family and friends. He is a dictator with total control, while the common people at the bottom of society suffer without basic life-sustaining resources. In fact, the leader is deified and worshipped, much like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were.


The second problem in our crisis has to do with honesty and truthfulness. Our politicians refuse to keep their word and refuse to make important changes the people keep voting for. This exists at all levels of our system. Many states and major cities are facing bankruptcy for overspending, misusing funds, and over-taxing. In this situation, questions are important. We need to carefully consider answers given by politicians, as well as the wording and the nature of the questions asked. And, perhaps most important, the questions that are NOT being asked when they should be!


There are many unanswered questions dealing with politics, foreign policy, the presidency, and the nature of ideologies such as modern progressivism. In light of the unrelenting news media’s — the same media that refused to question Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regarding their dealings while in office — determined attacks and vicious efforts to bring down our duly elected President, we the ordinary citizens of America need to ask some questions and respond to the media. Why are most media outlets not asking questions regarding the Clinton Foundation and how the Clinton’s have benefited from their government work? While some questions have been raised regarding Hillary’s 2016 presidential primary campaign, very little attention has been given to her undercutting of Bernie Sanders’ popular primary campaign and to Secretary of State Clinton’s and President Obama’s “collusion” with Russia on the issue of nuclear resources.


As the situation with North Korea has gotten critically serious, no one is asking how this dictatorship acquired nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them over great distances. Decisions were made by Democrat President Bill Clinton (and some Republican leaders) during the 1990s regarding financial aid to North Korea. The deals made then are now being considered “not good,” but the blame is not being placed on those who made them by the biased mass media. This is a serious problem with our political leadership, who escape any accountability for their flawed decisions because most members of the public have short memories and need to be told the facts many times before they sink in. Fortunately, there are conservative talk show hosts who can access quotes and statements from the past to prove what the leaders were thinking, saying, and doing.


The “unquestioning media” has determined to oppose duly elected President Donald Trump’s efforts to “Make America Great Again” by labeling it racist, misguided, and “out of the mainstream.” These leftists do not believe America has ever been great! They believe America was wrong to elect Trump. Therefore, they believe it is their mission to make it impossible for him to be effective or successful rather than perform the classic role of the media in a democracy of informing the public about political issues and then letting the people make up their own minds about the issues. We need to hold politicians accountable by asking the right questions and demanding truthful answers if the biased media refuses to do so.


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