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November 2016 Brief: Volume 23, Number 33

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Quit Leaping in the Dark!


By Jerry Hopkins



Reading is fundamental and basic to everyone’s life. Through reading, we can improve and expand ourselves intellectually and spiritually. We ought to join with others in our community to encourage and inspire more reading. Literacy is vitally important for all of us.


In Acts 12:12, there is a key word that describes a wise life. If we would not speak until we carried out the meaning of this little word, there would be much silence and thereby much wisdom. The word is “considered.”


What is it, to read and consider? It is to think. It is to put things together. It is to understand, to modify one thing by another, to bring things into right relationships, to view them in their right perspective. It is to weigh, to measure, to add up, and thus to form the proper conclusion. This is what many never do. They don’t question things. They don’t “consider.” We often leap at things. We ignore this intermediate step, this crucial process of putting things together. Our process of making decisions is often a leap in the dark.


Life should be “considered” because it is filled with mystery. It is always changing. There are times when the four seasons of the year come together in one hour; we are chilled and boiled in one brief moment. Show your faith and demonstrate the reality of Christ in your life by your “considered” action, not by inconsiderate, instantaneous criticisms and complaints. If one does not consider life and think diligently, he will live the life of foolishness and be as a willow in the winds of adversity. He will be at a disadvantage. Some people are unstable and undependable. About the only thing that you can say for them is that they can be depended on not to be dependable.


Everything that happens in life belongs to something else. The person who “considers” the matter, loses the spirit of impatience, and gathers to himself the spirit of wise consideration avoids many errors and sadnesses. Consideration is like turning on the light in a darkened house; it allows you to avoid stumbling and falling. You know better what is about you. Reading and considering are important in our community conversation. Sharing what you think and what you are going to do are vital and related to our community.


Having “considered” this BRIEF, why not look into your life? Have you considered your dependability? Can Jesus depend on you? Can the Lord work through your life? Are you serving Him as you can and ought to serve Him? Give some thought to these important, introspective questions. I hope that you have “considered” what you are reading and how it has touched your life and work. Consider what you ought to be doing and saying. Read the Bible and other good books. Then consider applying what you have learned to what you are thinking and to what you are doing.


Dr. Jerry Hopkins is a history professor at East Texas Baptist University and a freelance columnist living in Marshall, TX. Contact him at


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