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September 2016 Brief: Volume 23, Number 27

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We Need More Common Sense!


by Jerry Hopkins, Ph. D.



What we need is a return to what Thomas Paine emphasized in his revolutionary pamphlet, published in 1776 as America was entering a period of economic, political, and governmental change – indeed revolution. He titled his pamphlet Common Sense, and it has come to represent the role of correct thinking in terms of critical issues facing our society and government.


A “special class” has grown up and fashioned a system that excludes common people from making “commonsense” decisions. At present, we are where we are because of the intentional and foolish leadership of those who want to profit from the system and fashion a government in which they do not have to abide by the rules or suffer the consequences that the rest of us have to endure. We have too many lawyers, lobbyists, and economic “experts” who create complicated and special rules that they do not have to abide by and that they can manage to the advantage of themselves, their clients, and their political allies.


I think that one of the best analyses of this tragic and failing system is Dr. Bob Herrin’s book Lawyer Takeover: How Our Lawyer-Controlled Government and Legalized Theft is Destroying the USA and the American Dream. As I have said on other occasions – follow the money. In Herrin’s exceptional book, based on real-life experience and actual history, he gives us the role of the legal profession in America at all levels of government and the intentional exclusion of the common citizen. For the most part, we can no longer represent ourselves in the halls of government at any level because we might in some way jeopardize ourselves by unwittingly violating the “special rules” instituted by this new class of rulers.


Dr. Herrin asks a very important question in relation to the growing crisis at all levels in our government – “Will you help save our nation?” Now, you may think that is a melodramatic question, but it is actually a challenge that all of us need to seriously face at this critical hour. We have a legislative system that has come to be managed and monitored by lawyers, lobbyists, and economic professionals and excludes the common citizen from participating in making decisions for himself because of “the risk involved.” This is one of the reasons that we need to act together as common people.


We need more “tea parties” now than at any other time in our history. We need to rise up from the grassroots and begin taking back our system of government. The key is acquiring the vital points of power – the presidency, the majorities in both houses of Congress in Washington, the governorships of the states, and the majorities in the legislative houses of the states and in local levels of government. We need to pay attention to Dr. Herrin’s observations and suggestions in his exceptional book – we need to treat him as another Thomas Paine! We need to start applying common sense to our political problems instead of leaving them to the “experts.” We need to reassert the vision of the Founding Fathers that “we the people” are in charge, and the government works for us, not the other way around as the political elites believe.


Another thing that we need is a people’s legislature in Washington, D.C., that will reject the Obamacare health-care mandate and dismantle the system supporting it, including the IRS. Again, I agree with Dr. Bob Herrin in this situation. Many in the medical profession have wedded themselves with the legal profession and fashioned a tyrannous and enslaving system for the common, tax-paying citizen they should be serving. Those who should have represented us instead passed a legislative monstrosity without carefully reading it and now expect us to roll over and play dead. I will not! I am still alive, and I can still speak and write. I do not believe that most of you will ignore these great threats.


We desperately need changes in Washington and in state capitols that are based upon “commonsense” measures that we dare not ignore as voting, tax-paying citizens. We must stick together as these political battles and legislative issues emerge. History should be remembered, and we must ensure that those who have abandoned the interests and rights of common people are not supported or re-elected to any office of public trust.


Dr. Jerry Hopkins is a history professor at East Texas Baptist University and a freelance columnist living in Marshall, TX. Contact him at


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