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February 2013 - Volume 21, Number 1


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Iowa's Monthly State Revenue and Estimated Net Yearly Revenue

(in millions)


Monthly State Revenue


As of December 2012 the FY13 state revenue total was $3,559.4 million, almost $225 million higher than in FY12. This is six percent higher than in FY12. Though the real workforce is down, and few – if any – workers have received 6 percent raises, tax collections are up. Tell your Legislators, no new taxes.


Estimated Net Yearly Revenue


The revised Revenue Estimating Conference December prediction for FY13 is $6,406.8 million, up from the official December 2011 estimate of $6,170.4 million. The FY14 official estimate is $6,640.5 million, an increase of almost $500 million from taxpayers.


Source: Legislative Services Agency “Monthly General Fund Revenue Memo,” and Revenue Estimating Conference Report


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